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Cold Island

After so long without a post, I almost feel that a state of the journey post is in order.  It is strong.  It is strong.  One could say it is stronger than ever as we continue to endure what could only be described as a winter hand-painted by Satan himself.  I was thinking about what to say in this post, and the original plan was not to bitch about winter , but then this came in yesterday, ( a full week into spring now)


Cape Breton’s winter of 2013-2014 is certainly one for the books.  It was the coldest since 1986, and we had already more snow than all of last year by mid January.

The winter started much earlier than usual.  Indy was barely in the driveway a day or two last November before she was buried in snow.  In such a rush to get her home, we chucked her bits and pieces into the cabin, and haven’t ventured out to check on things for some time.  In advance of the blizzard, I went out to fetch the battery powered radio, it wasn’t pretty.  Mold growing on the table, bilge full of ice, and general unpleasantness.

These two were here in Cape Breton for the blizzard, experiencing first hand the fury of Les Suete wind phenomenon


We sally forth.  A ll indicators, however, do signal that there will be a summer this year.  I am basing this on the fact that there were summers each year for the last 80,000 years or so.  In preparation, we enrolled in an online navigation course through the Royal Yachting Association.  It’s very informative, and a lot of fun.  So far, we’ve learned how to read charts, buoyage, and different navigation methods, like plotting a course, finding your location, and finding your bearings.


RYA Navigation Course

The last few nights, Erika and I put the kids to bed, got some snacks, broke out the plotter, charts and dividers (that comes with the course by mail) and learned the ways of the mariner.  This is one of a number of courses offered by the RYA through Canadian sailing schools.  We signed up for this one through Discovery Sailing on the mainland.

Coming up on the weekend, there is talk of mucking out the boat… it may even get above 0°!!!


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