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How much does it cost to sail around the world – Sue

One of the most popular posts on the blog is about money.  How do people do it?  I know the amount people spend on the high seas differs greatly depending on how much you are willing to rough it, but online there are precious few resources online that can give you actual numbers.  Obviously, finances are a very personal thing.  I’ve asked fellow bloggers who are out there doing it.

This is from a cruising couple from the UK.  They sold their home, and cruise with their savings and income from rental properties.

I think the reason people don’t post info about money is because it’s fairly personal and different people have different ideas on ‘how much does it cost’. For instance we didn’t go into any marinas in Australia because it was way beyond our budget but here in Malaysia it’s much cheaper so we do.  

Again in Australia we didn’t eat out very much but here we do.  We live roughly on a £1000 +/- a month which covers food, marinas, fuel, occasional car hire (again not always in our budget), entrance fees, laundry, custom fees, small hardware bills, that sort of thing.  It doesn’t include big jobs on the boat, flights home (which we don’t go very often) and expenses at home ie management fees for the flats.  If we go on any land travel the boat budget pays for the marina while we are away and eating out, etc but I have a small personal income that we use for the flights and hotels for land travel.  

We know some people who think £1000 a month is a lot of money and others who have pensions, 2nd incomes etc who live on £2500 a month so it’s difficult to give a definitive answer as to ‘how much does it cost’ but I hope that helps.



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