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Survey Says

We knew what we were looking for, now to sit with our pole hung over the side and wait for something to bite.  We would keep an eye at the local boat club’s buy and sell sections, also kijiji.  We were looking in a 400km radius, which included Cape Breton down to Halifax, Moncton, St. John, Fredericton, and PEI.

In May we found a Tanzer 22 in Halifax whose owner was moving across the country in a hurry and was anxious to part ways with his vessel.

We made arrangements to come and have a look.  Accompanying me was my brother, both of us knowing absolutely nothing about what to look for to determine a boat’s condition.    Be fore we left for Halifax, we had arranged a Surveyor to meet us on site, and inspect the boat.

My brother and I were the first to arrive at the storage yard where the boat was being housed.  Next on the scene was the Surveyor, Bob Upshon.  Seconds after meeting Bob, my mind was at ease as to his ability to go through the boat and render an expert opinion.  He was British, wore a knit sweater, and in another time, would not look out of place as a senior Midshipman under Captain Nelson.  The seller then arrived with the boat’s engine and sail inventory.

Bob and I went through the boat over the course of 45 minutes, where he explained the important things to look for, areas of concern, and suggested courses of action, with the final summary of recommendations looking like this:

The vessel is in well above average condition, free of any defects and is considered staunch and seaworthy in all respects.

The following recommendations should be carried out:
1. Free sea cock on galley sink
2. Ensure mast is firmly grounded to the keel bolts.
3. Ensure at least a manual bilge pump is carried on board
4. Check 12v lighting system

More than pleased with the survey, we decided to become boat owners.
We hooked the trailer up to the truck, and began what would become a 16 hour trip back to Cape Breton.


Tanzer 22

Tanzer 22

Tanzer 22


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