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Indefatigable Log Book – August 17

Date – August 17, 2014

Conditions – Cloudy, 8 kt

On Board – Rob, Erika, Ben R, Larry B

Duration – 3 hours

Location – Sydney Harbour

For reasons that I’ll detail in a later post, Indefatigable is for sale.  She is posted on the local buy and sell site Kijiji.  Since the ad went up, there have been a few tire kickers, but nobody serious enough to actually show up and have a look.

I did get an interesting email from a young guy from Prince Edward Island:

Hey there, I should begin by saying that while I am very interested in your boat I will not be able to purchase it in the near future. I am in my mid 20’s and am starting law school, so I will have to wait a while. I already own a 12ft sailing dinghy and I race on several J29’s in Charlottetown. I think I would like my first fixed keel boat to be a Tanzer 22 and would like to experience sailing on it. I will be in Cape Breton over the next 6 days and was wondering if you would be sailing the Tanzer this weekend and, if you were, if you could use an extra pair of hands. I’m familiar with sailboats and would be willing to be tasked with whatever job while on the water. I realize that your offer of a test sail is intended for prospective buyers and understand completely if you’re not willing to take me along. Cheers

Seemed like a nice enough guy.  We arranged to meet a few days later and go out for a trip.

We met on board and had a brief chat about Tanzers.  I dashed off to the bathroom inside the yacht club, and when I got back, Larry was on board, and asked to go for the trip.  Larry was the skipper of the Tanzer 26 Down North who we had an encounter with weeks before.

After the first hour or so, Ben took the helm and expertly piloted Indy around Sydney Harbour, he did manage to later send over a few pics from his trip



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Indefatigable Log Book – July 22

Date – July 22, 2014

Conditions – Cloudy, 8 kt

On Board – Rob, Erika, Donnie, Alison

Duration – 2 hours, (1hr night sailing)

Location – Sydney Harbour

Quite possibly the best night of sailing.





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Indefatigable Log Book – July 13

Date – July 13, 2014

Conditions – Sunny, light wing increasing

On Board – Rob, Erika

Duration – 2 hours

Location – Sydney Harbour

Since buying Indy in 2011, we have only ever used two sails; the main and the working jib.   We had two larger sails in the bags that we never used, a 130 and 150 Genoa.  Today, winds were light enough, we were brave enough to try out the 130.

The sails were crisper, and because of the larger size, we used the aft winches instead of the ones on the cabin.  The difference in this sail was immediately detectable.  This sail also had tell-tales, which take some of the guesswork out of trimming.

We sailed out to the coal piers before turning back.  When we were tacking back we noticed that a Tanzer 26 called Down North  was coming with us.  We knew Down North from our races aboard Morgan D,  and remembered her as a worth adversary.  Down North is also docked 4 piers down from Indefatigable, but we’ve never met her owner.

As she gained on us, we decided we would try to race her, whether they knew we were racing or not!  As we tacked back and forth back to the Dobson, we noticed that Down North was taking a similar line that we were.  And seeing how they were experienced racers, we took this as a sign that were were getting the hang of this sailing thing!

We were able to stay ahead of them the whole way back which we were pretty proud of, despite the fact they didn’t know we were racing, and likely out for a leisurely cruise.  When tying up, Down North pulled into her pier.  A shout came from her cockpit, “You managed to stay ahead of me!  I was trying to get by!

We went over for a chat after everything was put away.  Her skipper and his guest were great folks, who we will likely run into again.


Very light winds

Very light winds


In the shade of the 130 Genoa


First run for the 130 Genoa

Down North in hot pursuit

Who’s that back there?


Tanzer 26 in hot pursuit

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Indefatigable Log Book – June 28

Date – June 28, 2014

Conditions – Sunny, warm, light wind

On Board – Rob, Erika

Duration – 2 hours

Erika and I got out for a few hours, on a lovely evening in Sydney Harbour.  The purpose of the voyage was mainly to relax after a long week.  It was on this day we took our first selfie!  Slackers eh?

Rob & Erika

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Indefatigable Log Book – June 25

Date – June 25, 2014

Conditions – Sunny, wind brisk

On Board – Rob, Erika, Frances, Charlie

Duration – 1 hour

I suppose this was our test voyage.  Up until now, whenever we were to sail, we would have either my, or Erika’s, parents look after Charlie (1) and Frances (4).  Here we are at the start of a new season, and who knows, perhaps we can all go out together?

We had mixed results.  Both kids packed their colourful sailing bags with the toys they thought they would play with.  (they’re great!  A coworker gave them to Erika now that her children are grown.)

Frances did great, wore her life jacket with no fuss, and spent most of the time in the cabin, occasionally sticking her head out the forward hatch to say hello to those in the cockpit.

Charlie proved to be a bit more of a challenge.  He wasn’t keen on the life jacket, or the tether, and spent most of the time bouncing around the cockpit.   He was under constant supervision, so that took away one person from sailing the boat.  At one point he climbed up and stood on the tiller (being braced by Erika) while looking over the stern.  We pretty much decided then that Charlie may need some more time before he’s ready.

In town that day was the US Coast Guard training vessel, tall ship Eagle.  We went for a tour of her the next day, and met her impressive crew.  Things were so hectic, we only managed one pic!



US Coast Guard Tall Ship Eagle

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