Summer on the not-so-high seas

What a summer.  I’m about to try to convey the things we did and learned over the several months Indy was in the water with a few pithy paragraphs and a handful of pics.

After about 4 or 5 lessons from J, Erika and I felt confident enough to head out on our own.  With a steep learning curve on the whole docking thing, we survived!  Over the course of the summer we had friends out, scared the sh*t out of ourselves by venturing out in high winds, and baked in the sun with not a breath of breeze.  We tacked, gybed, and did man-overboard exercises.

Toward the end of the summer the plan was to at some point leave the safe confines of Sydney Harbour, for the big blue.  Open water.  From where Indy is docked at the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club, to the mouth of Sydney Harbour is about 8 nautical miles, so for us to make the trip and back in our little 22 footer, you are looking at a few hours.  With Frances at my parents, it was difficult to find a weather window to allow us to make it out.  When we had the time, we didn’t have the wind, or way too much. So we didn’t get out of the harbour, ah well next summer.

Hull #2026

Fewers on board

A regular visitor to Sydney Harbour, The Eurodam

Frances' first trip, securely teathered!

Twilight o'er the Northside



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